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Holistic Care for Pets

Erin Clifford is quoted about her experience of using acupuncture as a holistic treatment for her dog, Gatsby.

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This Geoffrey Zakarian Burger Tip Is Perfect For Brunch

Erin Clifford shares healthy alternatives to traditional burger buns.

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Holistic Ways to Reduce Your Body’s Inflammation

Erin Clifford shares how one can decrease inflammation by making simple dietary shifts.

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Cheryl Berman, Erin Clifford, Zoe Elton, Nurit Raphael, Kathy Roeser and Megan Gailey — What We Can Learn From These Women on the Rise

Erin Clifford shares advice on the importance of self-care.

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13 Food Bloggers Reveal The Healthiest Fast Food Items

Erin Clifford shares the best options to order when at a fast-food restaurant.

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Lawyer’s Guide to Taking Control of Your Self-Care Routine

Erin Clifford wrote an article for the CBA Record giving advice to attorneys on how to create a self-care routine.

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4 Easy Ways to Exercise and Bond with Your Dog

Erin Clifford shares advice on how to help your dog exercise, while giving your dog opportunities to play and bond.

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15 Morning Routine Tips For Night Owls, Straight From Experts

Erin Clifford gives advice on the importance of sleep consistency.

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How to Take a Mindful Bath

Erin Clifford provides advice on how to have a warm bath with the help of Epsom salts, baking soda, and lavender oil.

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15 Genius Morning Routine Tips For Night Owls

“Whether you’re a night owl that sleeps in or has to wake up early, keep those times consistent. When we regularly go to sleep and get up at the same time, then our bodies get used to that routine,” Erin Clifford tells Bustle.

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