Health and Wellness Coach for Lawyers

healthy_lawyers_work_with_meI love helping lawyer create and maintain healthy, happy, productive lifestyles. Here’s how we can collaborate:

Lawyer Health & Wellness Coaching

I specialize in holistic lifestyle programming based on each lawyers and law firm’s unique needs. It is not just the foods that we take in, but all the other factors present in our daily lives as lawyers, such as regular physical activity, sleep, stress management, mindfulness, healthy relationships and a fulfilling career.

I will support your firm, lawyers and staff in achieving improved health and wellness.

Lawyer Health & Wellness Seminars, Keynotes and Panel Discussions

I do in-person seminars throughout Chicago and travel to educate law firms, law associations, legal organizations and more. Topics are customized to every event and may include:

  • Sane Lawyering: Building Hardiness in the Provision of Legal Services
  • Real Solutions for Attorney Wellness
  • Healthy Weight Management for the Professional
  • Energy Optimization
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Successful Work Life Balance
  • Set Yourself Up for Success
  • Spring Cleanse
  • Healthy Networking
  • Business Travel Survival Guide

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